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  • "Do we have to try-out to join the team?"

We do not host try-outs. We encourage student of all experience and skill levels are encouraged to join.


  • "If I join, do I have to attend every event?"

Members are not required to attend events. Members select their own levels of involvement and we encourage you to attend every event that you can. However, the 35 members with the highest cumulative attendance receive Sponsorship Benefits.


  • "Does the team provide boats?"

We are currently unable to provide boats for members to use. However, we are in the process of purchasing a team boat that well be kept on Lake Mendota for team use!


  • "Do I have to wait to the beginning of the semester to join?"

Members may join at any time, even in the middle of the semester or during the summer. Please fill out the form above and you will be added to our email list.


  • "If I join, do I need to compete in tournaments?"

Members are not required to compete in tournaments. Most members do not fish competitively, however we do encourage everyone interested to try fishing competitively.


  • "Do I have to be experienced or good at fishing to join?

We encourage students of all experience and skill levels to join. Our members range from students yet to catch their first fish, to tournament fishermen aspiring to fish professionally.


  • "Does the team provide free fishing tackle?"

We recently started to provide free fishing tackle for rental to members! In addition, our 45 most involved members gain access to Sponsorship Benefits, including discounted equipment from our sponsors.


  • "Who can join the team?"

Every enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at UW-Madison is eligible to join. Additionally, we waive membership dues for female students to encourage diversity.

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